Our Story

In the beginning:
Eclectic Swazi started from an idea I had in 2011. I love handmade products, and I love the Handcraft Industry in Swaziland. I had a wonderful experience working within the industry however I have always wanted my own business, and that calling could never be ignored. I decided that I wanted to have a shop in South Africa that showcased all of the beautiful handcrafts from Swaziland under one roof.

After some planning and many hours of convincing myself – I came up to Joburg and found a stunning space. With some encouragement from my family and friends, Eclectic Swazi was born and my shop on 6th Street in Parkhurst opened on the 26th November 2011. Eclectic Swazi sold a lovely selection of beautifully handmade functional, decorative and edible items at the shop in Parkhurst, 90% of the stock was of Swazi Origin, with the rest being Proudly South African.

Unfortunately, I did have to close the shop the following August as I had drastically miscalculated, and my expenses were beyond the budget of a newly formed business, and even though we were doing well, we had to make the decision to close, and the aim was to recreate Eclectic Swazi as an online shop myself. Closing the Parkhurst shop was extremely sad for me and since our closing date on 31 August 2012, the Eclectic Swazi online shop had been put on hold….until now.

My nephew Ryan and I just over 2 years ago
My nephew Ryan and I just over 2 years ago

2015 to the Future:
In August 2014 I decided to get the ball rolling once again and have my Online Shop designed professionally and now the Eclectic Swazi Online Shop has finally been created. Our new chapter will continue to showcase a stunning collection of quality handmade handcrafts now sourced from all over Southern Africa, mainly Swaziland and South Africa.

I am still a Swazi at heart, and even though we will have many more South African products, I decided to stick with my business name “Eclectic Swazi”, we are focused on Local, Handmade Quality Products! We especially Love “One of a Kind” products! Eclectic Swazi promises An enticing mix of unique items.

All of the items featured on Eclectic Swazi are lovingly handmade by our suppliers, of exceptional quality, unique and are also ethically produced. We have started off with a humble beginning on 26 May 2015, however we will continue growing, and we will be adding many more amazing suppliers and ranges as we go.

Eclectic Swazi is now accessible to all customers online who appreciate the beauty of handmade products, and appreciate the work and passion that goes into making each item. Every supplier has a story and we hope the products featured on this site inspire you.

Enjoy browsing through our wonderful assortment of creativity.




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