Black Friday Facebook Sale 27-28/11/2015

Eclectic Swazi is having a little black Friday sale for today and tomorrow.

A selection of products from Golden Hands, Antique Fusion Jewellery, Noma Ceramics, Lupondvo Design, and Quazi Design.

Savings from 20% to 30% off. Check out our Facebook page:


Happy Shopping!!!


My first blog post :)

I decided with the fresh new start of the online shop, to also start a new Blog.

My old Blog is a “Blogger” site, and I must say, I quite like the WordPress setup, so here I am, giving it another go. I am by no means a skilled writer, but I will try my best.

So my favourite news is that the Eclectic Swazi Online shop was finally launched on 26 May 2015 after a wait of 9 Months after I had decided to go ahead and have it professionally designed, and a 33 Month wait from when I had to close the doors at Eclectic Swazi’s first home on 6th Street in Parkhurst. After I closed the shop in Parkhurst, I had to be realistic and I went back to normal working life, but the online shop was always in the back of my mind.

During the Lull stage I had bought an equine classifieds website, SA Horses, and I had it redesigned, and it came out so well that I decided to take the plunge and start up Eclectic Swazi again. My entrepreneurial spirit is not something I can deny and to be my own boss is very important for me.

I feel very passionately about Eclectic Swazi, and I only stock products that I love, and products from companies that I believe in. These manufacturers are doing such great work. Majority of the Swazi craft companies are now all registered with Swazi Fair Trade, the artisans are given training by swift, and the major focus is on teaching these artisans skills that they can use to support themselves and their families with.

We now also stock many more South African products. There are so many talented people in South Africa, it is very inspiring. I have a long list of exceptionally talented suppliers from Swaziland and South Africa that I am still due to order from, and I cannot wait when I have my full list of suppliers on my site, their product ranges are fabulous.

Even though the Online Shop is my baby, every sale I make does not only benefit me, whenever someone orders a product, I need to re-order stock, and this gives the artisans a constant flow of work. This cycle is very important.

During the next few months I will be going through to my old home, Swaziland, and I am planning on meeting all the artisans that make the beautiful products on my site. I will be featuring these visits in my newsletters, and I am really looking forward to it. In time, I will try plan to meet every single one of my supplier’s artisans.

Please have a look at the website: and let me know what you think!

If you have any advice, criticism, tips etc please feel free to email me, Natalie on

Have an absolutely fabulous week further

Love Nat